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Life's Footprints is a home-based publishing company in the Pacific Northwest founded by Robert Earl Wood. 

Robert grew up in an isolated area of the Black Hills of South Dakota, they did not have a lot of company. When they did Robert and his siblings sat fascinated in front of a wood stove in a room dim from kerosene lamplight listening to the elders tell stories about the "olden days." From these early days he developed a desire to help people record their histories, so in 1989 Life's Footprints Guidelines for "do-it-yourself" family histories was published and Robert began writing histories for individuals and corporations. He also drew upon that imagination developed in his childhood to write and publish several children's stories about magical adventures that invite his readers to engage their imaginations.

To learn more about who we are and why what we do is important to us please visit our two Life's Footprints web sites.  They are and